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Till this moment, I never knew myself.
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11th-Jul-2014 01:13 am(no subject)
That moment when things change, and you realize what you wanted, isn't what you want anymore.
25th-May-2014 06:36 am(no subject)
Soooooooo proud of myself... in an exhausted kinda way.
My blog doesn't look like junk anymore yayyy! I swear I should get paid for this -_- I've been trying to change the layout for two day and its been hell! Stupid CSS >.< But on the plus side, I learned a lot and adjusted some things I wanted to change once I learned what was what and how to change them.

I did make the background myself, you know, to feed my Photoshop addiction. Really proud of this one, brown is actually not my thing but I really like it. I like the vibe it gives, if that makes any sense. It's very neat, and organized, and girly, and pretty (can you tell I'm in love?), not like the junk I usually make.

I must make an evolution post because it's seriously disturbing how bad I was.

Btw, it's been like a year now since I've done this but I have made most of my posts private due to the spam comments I keep getting. Warning to spammers, I will block you, delete you, and report you so eff off my blog! Who knew spammers still trolled LJ??
23rd-May-2014 08:05 pm - Summer 2014 To Do List
Summer To Do List:
1. Get to Chapter 20 of Obliviator
2. Finish Reading A French Novel
3. Watch 4 French Movies
4. Learn To Make Some Asian Recipes
5. Get An Aloe Vera Plant (just cuz I've been wanting one for a while)
6. Make Those Pants I Keep Picturing In My Head
7. Figure Out Why Everyone Keeps Telling Me Not To Make A Pillow... By Making A Pillow .-.
8. Learn To Drive (it's been four months since i got my permit so we'll see how far this goes)

Idk why I keep making these things, I usually get like two things done.

30th-May-2013 09:18 pm - To Do Summer '13
Summer To Do List:
1. Create Recipe for Perfect Cupcakes/Perfect Frosting
2. Get to Chapter 18 of Obliviator
3. Finish Midnighters Book
4. Finish Unwind Book
5. Make A Babydoll
6. Watercolor

7. Try Sticky's Finger Joint
8. Learn To Drive... (Or Something Like That)
12th-Jun-2012 11:15 pm - Promise To Myself
Promise to myself: spend more time in nature.
When I'm older, I want to be out of the city and actually spend time in the middle of nothing. Just me, trees and sunshine. It's not the same as being in the park, I want peace and quiet.
Life feels way too hectic, I just want to sit under a tree, hope a spider doesn't bite me and relax.
23rd-May-2012 10:43 pm - Summer '12 To Do
Let's see if I can keep this list this year...

Summer '12 To Do List:
- Make a dress
- Make another dress
- Improve my sketching
- Learn To Swim
- Finish Every Me
- Finish Obliviator
- Read 4 books
- Work on one of my books
- Go to Chinatown
- Hang out with my friends a lot
- Make/Cook something new
15th-Jan-2012 02:53 am - Pre Mid-Life Crises
Thinking about how next semester starts in a few weeks and... not excited. At all. I absolutely love my school but when I think about last semester all I can think is "Hell on earth". I'm really questioning all aspects of my life. What if what I wanted to be, ever since I was little, isn't what I'm supposed to be? I got into one of the best and hardest to get into schools for my major so why is it not enough to convince me?
I'm questioning everything. But maybe I should?